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Mining Minds

Dec 10, 2023

Vice President for Barr Engineering, and author of Minescapes: Reclaiming Minnesota’s Mined Land, Pete Kero joins Mining Minds to discuss reclamation . Pete shares his mining journey, growing up in the heart of the iron range and the upper peninsula of Michigan. From a fourth-generation miner’s perspective, he unveils the importance of mining and its huge impact on our nation’s success! Pete discusses his new book, “Minescapes”, discusses the unique opportunities in reclamation, and how reclamation can add to the quality of life for mining communities. We discuss some of the projects that Pete has been part of, such as the Red Head Mountain Bike Park, we gain insight into mine planning and starting with the end in mind, and contemplate reclaimed mines becoming hubs of activities for outdoor people. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Pete Kero to the Face!

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