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Mining Minds

Jul 31, 2019

Military, Maintenance, and Management; three areas Brent Adams is familiar with and three professions that have influenced his mining career. As Brent sits down with Mining Minds, he discusses the importance of building relationships and partnering with the people he works with. He discusses the love for his family,...

Jul 24, 2019

From a young accountant out of New Mexico to the Director of Operations in South Carolina, Curtis Cadwell sits down with Mining Minds to talk about his mining journey. He discusses some of his management styles, changes in the mining industry, and the value of the people at the face. Join Mining Minds as we welcome in...

Jul 17, 2019

Longtime family friend and a good ol' Beatty boy, John Allsup meets Mining Minds at the face to talk some shop. He discusses his role as an underground electrician in this Northern Nevada area, the road from Vegas to Elko, his love for his family, and his passion for Jujutzu. 

Jul 10, 2019

Health, wellness & personal growth coach Natashia Dallin sits down with Mining Minds to talk about her work in the mining industry and how she helps individuals reach their goals. She discusses some interesting health facts about the mining industry, her goals, philosophies, and even shares some mushroom tea with us. 

Jul 3, 2019

Mining Minds welcomes Miguel (Tito) Segovia to the face as he discusses the upcoming Elko Mine Rescue Olympiad. Tito talks to us about his role as an emergency response coordinator, how he manages an effective team, and how he's shaping the future emergency responder. Good luck to Tito, his team, and all the rescue...