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Mining Minds

Aug 13, 2021

On this episode of the podcast Mining Minds had the opportunity to sit down with Dede Barker, an amazing lady who we could say is directly responsible for giving us our start in the mining industry. Dede walks us through her younger years and how see had to grow up fast. She tells us how she landed her husband by fishing off the company dock, her experiences first moving to Elko, and making people’s Christmas every day! Dede discusses her passion and her profession with getting to know and understanding people, while knowing the industry and finding a good fit for the individual. If you would like a personal approach in your career, you need to contact Dede Barker. You can reach Dede at Pray and Company or by calling (775) 934-6054. Mining Minds would like to welcome Dede Barker to the Face!


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