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Mining Minds

Nov 26, 2022

Born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and raised in Northern Nevada, ILL Zakiel has put years into his craft. He has since released a large catalog of music and has been building a loyal following along the way. ILL has established himself as a legit up and comer. Proving time and time again he can energize virtually any crowd, ILL is poised to win new fans at any show he performs at. He’s been focusing on creating his own lane. A new take on Latin Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop in general, ILL’s rapid fire bilingual flow is relentless. Mixing Latin vibes with hard hitting beats, it’s a sound nobody is doing right now. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Ill Zakiel to the Face!

Kid Frost - Whittier & Atlantic

Motor Mission and Radiator

Rockwell Industrial & Mining 

Rubicon Mechanical