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Mining Minds

Apr 4, 2022

Face Miner, Nipper, and TikTok producer Cory Rockwell joins Mining Minds in studio to walk through his mining journey. Cory talks about growing up in Hollywood, getting into the oil fields with no experience, and ultimately landing in mining. Starting out in the processing labs to working in the processing mills, Cory finally made his way into underground mining. Cory has also made a name for himself in the social media world by creating Tik Toks that educate and provide a glimpse of what underground miners experience. You can follow Cory and his informative videos @coryrockwell on Tik Tok. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Cory Rockwell to the Face!

Rubicon Mechanical

Rockwell Industrial and Mining

Motor Mission Machine and Radiator

Ill Zakiel